Junior Ladder

Junior ladder is a friendly competition for our junior players in Advanced II (or higher) who are ready to play regular games. Kids need to learn how to apply the skills they learned from lessons in real match situation.

Playing tennis matches will help players gain experience and match toughness. Players will learn how to outplay and outmaneuver opponents, find their weaknesses and exploit them, use their own strengths to make the best of them, and eventually become masters of the tennis game.

A ladder is established based on the win/loss record of each player. Junior ladder is held on select Saturdays 6-8pm and emails will be sent to qualified players for signup. Each person will play singles against a player ranked above and another person ranked below in an abbreviated format. A doubles match will be arranged as well.

Players in our program get a discounted rate to join Junior Ladder: $25 per person each class. Players not in our program are welcome when space is available ($35). Join the fun!